Worried if coronavirus might impact the delivery of international shipments?

EBANX Track is here for you.

Download the app and get notifications of your orders in real-time.

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EBANX is up and running

Our team is working from home but our operation doesn't stop! We keep processing payments for all our partners, such as AliExpress, Gearbest and Wish.

Customer support as usual

The support team is also at home and keeps working full time to help you with questions and doubts about payment processing and package's tracking.

Track your orders in real-time

Shipments keep coming to Brazil, but they might arrive a little later than usual. Don't worry, with EBANX Track you can check all your package's shipment with all the details of their journey to you.

Download the App and count with:

  • A prepared team ready to help you.

  • Real-time updates on your packages.

  • Notifications about the shipment situation in Brazil.

EBANX Track app
EBANX Track app

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all, you don't have to worry about asking for a refund. Shipments might be delayed due to the coronavirus situation but they are still arriving in Brazil. Don't forget to keep an eye on the delivery deadline and on the buyer protection as well. It's important to talk with the seller, that way you can come to an agreement about the delivery deadlines.

As soon as the seller receives your order, he starts the process to ship your product and this might take a few days. Always check the delivery deadline of your purchase and if you have questions about it, talk to the seller for further details.

Whenever this happens, the best to do is to talk directly with the seller to understand what happened. Sometimes, the product you chose sold off and to avoid waiting for a replacement for too long, sellers can cancel an order.

Usually international purchases have a delivery deadline. If your item was already shipped and the buyer's protection is running out, talk directly to the seller for further instructions on how to extend buyer's protection.

Some orders might take a little longer to be shipped for various reasons (item sold out, carrier delays and others) and some orders might have already shipped but take longer to receive updates on the delivery. Don't worry, shipment status can freeze for a few days but it's updated pretty quickly.

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