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What happens when the delivery fails?

It might be a bit frustrating when we purchase something online and it doesn't get delivered for some reason, right? You know why a package can't be delivered sometimes?

The causes can be pretty common and part of them are shown on the shipment status. Check it out:

  1. Addressee not available at the time of delivery: this means the carrier tried to deliver your package three times but no one was at the local to receive it.
  2. Address problem: The carrier company wasn't able to locate premises or the address is located in rural or remote areas that are not covered.
  3. Stolen item: Your package was stolen or lost during shipment. Get in touch with the purchase's website.
  4. Completed customs inspection: Your package was taxed and you need to pay customs fee to release the item. Learn more about this topic.

There is also the possibility that your address wasn't readable and that's why the carrier couldn't find the package's destination.

Always check if the address was written correctly, if not it might cause you problems with the delivery of your package.